Wraparound Care

Providing food, fun and frolics for your child before and after school in a safe, home-from-home environment.

Our extensive Wraparound Care service is perfect for busy mums, dads and carers, who are juggling numerous work, family or personal commitments.

As with our nursery services we provide a loving, supportive and home-from-home environment where each child is treated as an individual.

Children join us from primary school age through to about 12-years-old and are sometimes former Mini VIPs themselves – but of course they don’t have to be.

Our Breakfast Club runs from 7.30 am and includes us taking your child safely to school, and at our After-School Club we collect and look after them once school finishes, until your return.

If your child is a pupil at:

Winchcombe Abbey Primary School: We will walk them to their classroom in the morning, and collect them from their designated area at the end of the school day.

Gretton Primary School: We will take and collect them using our Mini VIPs minibus, again seeing them safely in and out of class.

Isbourne Valley:  We can collect your child from the bus stop outside Winchcombe Library at the end of the school day. We’re sorry but currently we’re unable to take your child to school

Breakfast Club

We know that at 7.30 am some children may still have their ‘sleepy heads’ on. We wake them up gently and they breakfast on cereals, toast, fruit and a choice of drinks. Occasionally crumpets, waffles or sausages rolls are added to the menu as part of our ‘try something different’ approach. Before leaving for school the children spend time in our Activity Rooms.

After-School Club

Once safely collected from school and back at Mini VIPs, children enjoy a home-cooked meal. We support the children to serve themselves, choosing a varied and plentiful amount of food. They are then free to spend time in our Activity Rooms.

Activity Rooms

We’ve four Activity Rooms, The Den, The Art Room, The Chill Out Room and The Nook, as well as our popular outdoor play areas and our sensory garden. Weather permitting, we also visit local play parks and have a weekly games session in the nearby Sports Hall.

The Den: This ‘hands-on’ room is where children can challenge themselves with Lego, board games and puzzles. There’s a Nintendo and some days we put up the pool and football table.

The Art Room: Is full of excited children using a variety of resources and their imaginations to get creative and messy. We prefer to use natural materials and you can often find us out and about collecting these to bring the outside inside!

The Chill Out Room: How can we unwind after a busy day? By snuggling with a blanket, all cosy on one of our sofa’s, watching a film with our friends, or maybe sharing a selection of different stories with each other? What else could you do except relax? We also have limited use on our Nintendo Switch or our DS’s for those that prefer.

The Nook: Using our range of role play resources, we can create our own inspired room. Lots of small world play is always a favourite too and you wouldn’t believe the number of games we have to share.

Wraparound Care key features


Safe and reliable school drop-off and collection

Meals provided

Wide range of activities

Outdoor play areas

Children playing