Encouraging your child to be confident and independent, to experiment and question.

Our Butterflies really do begin to spread their wings and we’re here to support them as they prepare to take flight.

These Mini VIPs learn to take responsibility for their belongings and personal hygiene such as hand-washing and toileting, in readiness for their transition to ‘big school.’

Opportunities for learning and play are many and varied for our Butterflies. From group play, art, craft, music, culture, history, writing and reading, to outdoor adventures and weekly sports sessions.

At this age children choose their own activities and we invite their ideas for new ones. They are gently taught how to be independent, curious and find their own voice. Experimenting and questioning are a key part of learning for our Butterflies and is actively encouraged. It gives them a good grounding for their next stage of education – joining a reception class.

We follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum – and your child’s progress is recorded in their Learning Journey.

Butterflies’ key features

Taking responsibility

Becoming independent

Group learning and play

Experimenting and questioning

Finding their own voice

Children playing