Busy Bees

Helping your child to learn and share as they find their feet and explore the world around them.

We don’t call them our Busy Bees for nothing. At 2 to 3 1/2-years-old our Mini VIPs are always on the move, exploring, learning and developing their skills.

We encourage them to make friends and work together to achieve goals. They use their imaginations for role-play and group activities and learn to take turns and help each other.

Counting, art and craft and our ‘home corner’ are all popular with this age group who love playing ‘let’s pretend,’ imitating behaviours they see around them – both indoors and out.

Regular Boogie Beat music and movement develops their confidence, co-ordination and social skills and as they become more capable and confident, they join our dining room for meals. Here they get to grips with toddler cutlery and learn good table manners.

Busy Bees’ mainstream activities follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum. A key aspect of our activities is that they follow your child’s interests through our “in the moment” planning.

Busy Bees’ key features

Learning, sharing, working together

Developing friendships

Imaginative and creative play

Building confidence and social skills

Follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

Children playing